Activity Packets

Activity Packets are interactive, educational lessons on various time periods in history. Adult guidance is recommended and a supply list is provided.

New: Cowboys Activity Packet (March 2021)

Cowboys and ranching are an important part of Flint Hills culture — learn all about the history of the cowboy's heyday in this packet, along with a ton of fun activities! Make your own cattle brand, cook some beans and corn pone, pass the time with a cowboy song, and much more!

The 1950s! Activity Packet

This activity packet is chock full of information about this decade of change in American history. From Elvis and Snoopy to Sputnik and civil rights, this packet contains 18 pages of lessons, projects, and games. Throw a sock hop and learn to do the Bunny Hop, or get adventurous with some 7-Up Jello Salad! 

WWII: Life on the Homefront Packet

GCHS's WWII: Life on the Homefront activity packet is now available! Explore what life was like in the United States during World War II with this interactive packet that includes activities about rationing, writing Victory Mail, growing your own Victory Gardens, and much more! 

Turn of the Century Packet

Our first packet is about the Turn of the 20th Century and includes history lessons as well as baking projects, a blank diary, coloring pages, and more. This packet was designed for young women and girls, but there's something for everyone inside!

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