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Online Activities

Activity Packets: Our packets include The 1950s Activity PacketThe Turn of the Century and WWII: Life on the Home front. Adult guidance is recommended.

Educational Videos
  • Pioneer Children's Chores: Kids worked hard to help their families on the prairie — learn about the tools and skills they had to master as pioneers! For elementary ages.
  • Old Fashioned Games for Small Groups: Gather your friends and family and learn a variety of old-fashioned games to play outdoors in this fun video! 
  • Old, But What Is It?: Enjoy this guessing game, adapted from one of our Traveling Trunks! 
  • Life as a Soldier: What kind of gear did soldiers use in the past? What did they eat and what were their lives like? Watch the video to learn more! 

Heritage Park Monument Walking Tour: Starting with the GAR arch at the corner of 6th and Washington, this guide will take you around Heritage Park to learn about each of the park's 12 monuments.

Historic Home Scavenger Hunt: Can you find all these styles of homes around town? Take a walk in your neighborhood and learn more about the styles of architecture that are common in Geary County.

Downtown Walking Tour: Have you ever wondered about the history of Junction City's stone buildings and the people who worked there? Have a stroll down Washington Street and learn about the drug stores, grocers, ice cream parlors, restaurants, and other early businesses that once filled downtown Junction City.

COVID-19 Time Capsule: Share your thoughts and experiences about today's historic events with Geary County Historical Society. Download our fillable PDF to your computer, type your answers, save the document and email it to us at We would love to see how you all are doing in these difficult times. Note: Form may have to be downloaded first before the areas to type will become accessible.

Geary History Scavenger Hunt: See if you can find all the correct answers to our historical scavenger hunt using our webpage about Geary County's historyUse our answer key to check your work!