Research Center

Open to the public Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 PM

About the Research Center
Our Research Center is staffed entirely by volunteers who share their enthusiasm for genealogy and local history with the public four days per week (Tuesdays-Friday). Using GCHS's historic records, our researchers may be able to assist you with: 

  • Family history and genealogy
  • County birth, death, and marriage records, 1861-present
  • Local newspaper research, including obituaries, 1861-present
  • History of local homes (contact the Register of Deeds for information like names of previous homeowners)
  • History of local businesses, community groups, and fraternal organizations
  • Yearbooks from Junction City High School and St. Xavier High School
  • Historic Junction City photographs dating from 1860 (for the University of Kansas's collection of local photographer J.J. Pennell's photos, dating from the 1890s-1920s, visit

Research requests may be emailed to

Please include your contact information (your name and phone number, if desired), and as much information about your request as possible. Please be specific: include exact dates; first, middle, last, and maiden names; exact location or address, if available; and any relevant information known about individuals, such as known family members, location of hometown, location of cemetery, etc. 

Our collection of historic Geary County records is not comprehensive and it may not be possible to complete every research request. We appreciate your patience as we attempt to fulfill your request. Thank you! 


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  14. The center, affiliated with GCHS (presumably Geary County Historical Society), offers assistance to the public four days a week (Tuesday to Friday). The services provided by the researchers, who utilize GCHS's historic records, include help with family history and genealogy, accessing county birth, death, and marriage records from 1861 to the present, local newspaper research (including obituaries from 1861 to the present), information on the history of local homes, businesses, community groups, and fraternal organizations, as well as access to yearbooks from Junction City High School and St. Xavier High School. Additionally, the center possesses historic photographs dating back to 1860.

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