Black History Trail of Geary County

In 2022, the Geary County Historical Society was asked to be a part of a new, exciting historic venture: the Black History Trail of Geary County.

The purpose of the Black History Trail of Geary County is to bring visitors together and experience the cultural historical sites and attractions of the Greater Junction City/Geary County areas of Kansas. We want to foster new initiatives and encourage Kansas African American History as well as American History.

Our mission is to provide opportunities and facilities to further interpretation of our local Kansas African American history and culture of our region of Kansas; address the public’s knowledge, education and awareness of Kansas African American history.

Our objective is one of providing learning opportunities for all local and traveling visitors to learn and develop a greater understanding of significance of African American on our great history of Kansas. The project will facilitate sharing of knowledge, bring and retain visitors to our areas, and provide forums for identifying future projects and programs.

The goal of the Black History Trail of Geary County is to provide a system of quality, accessible trails that offer diverse, healthy outdoor experiences within an urban and rural variety of landscapes and natural habitats; access significant local features, public facilities and developed local neighborhoods and historic business districts; showcase the diversity of American heritage. Through storytelling the proud heritage of Junction City, Geary County and the surrounding areas we preserve history the way it was.


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