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Upcoming Events

April 1, 10 am & 4 pm: This month’s Hands on History is a mini Boot Camp! Learn about military ranks, how to properly salute, participate in basic marching and PT (physical training)!Be prepared to taste a meal, ready-to-eat (MRE). Hooah!!!

May 31, 3pm: Memories at the Museum: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at St. Joseph’s Historic Church! Do you remember attending Mass in this historic building? Do you have memoriesof the restoration process that you would like to share? Join us for a special Memories at the Museum program on site at the church!

Coming This Spring: We’re planning an Open House for St. Joseph’s Historic Church in the Spring — keep your eye out for more information as we plan this event. The rest of the clear glass windows are being installed, and when that is complete, we will have our first Open House with the church fully lit once again with the light of our beautiful Kansas skies.


How Can You Help?

The Historical Society is always looking for volunteers and donations for:

Host, Collection Care, Events, Characters, and Traveling Trunks

Your commitment can be one-time for an event or as often as you like. 

Or if you have a special skill to share, please let us know!

 Volunteers Needed! 
    Do you like to bake? You can help the Geary County Historical Society with our efforts to make up for lost public funds and offer exciting new programs to the community right in your own home. We need home-made items such as cookies, pies and cakes for events like the Ice Cream Social, and educational programs at the Museum throughout the year. If you can help, contact the Museum at 238-1666. We will check with you when a fund raiser or program is coming up.

  • Help preserve of St. Joseph’s!  Updated

GCHS is working to restore St. Joseph’s Church on McDowell Creek Road to usable condition. The building has been placed on the State Register of Historic Places. 
 See the St. Joseph Church Page of this site for more information.

From Katie Goerl the Director -

I am so excited to announce that St. Joseph's Historic Church will receive all new windows this year, thanks to a generous donation from Patricia (Waters) Wertzberger! Patti’s support means the remaining eight windows in the church will be installed this fall. The church was boarded up for many years to protect the interior of the church. Replacing the windows means work can then commence on restoring the floors and choir loft. We are so grateful to Patti and all who have supported the St. Joseph's restoration project, particularly Cindy Quinlan, BillPence, Jan Olewnik, and the many other volunteers who have worked on St. Joe’s for so many years. Your work will help keep this church in the community for many years to come!We hope to hold an event out at St. Joe’s in the fall to open the church to the public and show everyone all the hard work that has been done in the last 11 years. Check our Facebook page for the latest GCHS news at