Friends of the Museum

Historian ($750+)
Marion Abbick
Craig and Bernie Altenhofen
Ed Augustine
Fred Barber
Loren and Linda Barten
Paula Beavers
Carl and Ingrid Bierbaum
J.C. Buckley
Ruth Anne Carlson
Grace Burns Clark
Mary Beth Clark
Coryell Insurers, Inc. 
Mary Devin
Shirley Ehrilich
Marie-Anne Eickholt
Linda Rankin Ezell
Timothy J Fegan
Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Foote
Pat Foster 
Susan Fritschler
Ruth Gfeller
Barbara Gfeller
Phyllis Griffin
Mrs.C.W. Harper
Mrs Glenn Haslett 
Patricia Hogue
Mrs. Steven Hornbaker
Mrs. Ted Hosler
Ada S. Irving
Junction City Aerie #830
Mrs Dennis Kelley
Howard Kidd
Douglas Koepcke
Dan LaShelle
David Lauseng
Shirley Laven
Nadine L Lee
Alex Lee
Leann Lindgren
John G Montgomery
Susan Moyer
Dr. Mary Kay Munson
The Olmsteads
Bill and Carol Powers
Rose Mary Roesler
Francis and Phyllis Sanders
Thomas Shane
Suzanne Smith
Eunice Smith
Ron Young and Margy Stewart
Deanna Tressin
John and Kathy Triplett
Beth Upham
Douglass and Betty Wallace
Mrs Betty Waters
Wendy Webber
Dorothy Bramlage Willcoxon

Founder ($500+)

Jim Clark Chevrolet
911 Goldenbelt Blvd

Patricia Waters Wertzberger

Stonemason ($200+)

D.E.L. Motors
1737 N. Washington St 

Mowry Custer, Coldwell Banker Patriot Realty
522 N. Eisenhower Dr. 

Rancher ($100+)

Terry and Peggy Heldstab
Robert Kruger
Amity and David Thompson

Homesteader ($50+)

Verle and Marie Amthauer
Gary Bullinger
Mary Cottom
Barbara Craft
Frank J Dixon
Wayne and Ruth Gfeller
Jan and Curtis Gray
Michael and Kerry Hagedorn
Samual and Margaret Kilpatrick
Kelly Landes
Theresa Liewer
Tom and Joyce McRae
Ferrell and Nita Miller
Charles and Deanna Munson
Robert and Christine Munson
Mrs. Lisa Osbourn
Bob Petrie
Calvin and Shari Pottberg
Cindy Quinlan
Mike and Sheila Ritchie
Anne Schmidt
Eric and Mary Louise Stahl
John and Sharon Strain

Sodbuster ($25+)

The Altwegg Family
Peggy Bennett
Dennis and Debra Boller
Doug Brown
Virleen and David Carlson
Carrier Farms
Shirley Crowley
La-Kisha Cusack
Paula and Allen Dinkel
Charlie Finch
Frank and Lois Galliher
Darren and Shelly Gunderson
Sally Jardine
Susan and Ray Kamphaus
Shelley Hoyle Kite
John D. Kovac, MD
Janice Kurtz
Mona Manley
Sheila and Joe Markley
Eileen Martino
Gail and Donna Martinson
Vannessa and Bill Osbourn
Bill and Tammy Pence
Josephine and Ruth Rago
Guy and Marilyn Reynoldson
Hugh Rohrer
Nancy Sampson
Jerry and Marlene Smith
Paula Spears
The Strauss Family
Frank and Rae Lynn Wadsworth
Florence Whitebread
Phyllis and Wendell Wright

Apprentice ($15+)

Mary Anderson
Bob Beavers
Pat Beavers
Peggy Bennett
Heinrich Biggs
Dorothy Boller
Paulette Briestensky
Diane Briestensky-Leonard
Mary Lou Brown
Cary Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bruzina
Marjorie Chamberlin
Britni Chambers
Gaylynn Childs
Amanda Combs
Mike Cox
Andre Darrigrand
Sally Dietrich
Diana Dowling
C.H. Ehm Jr. 
Jill Frese
Michael Frichette
Roy Garrett
Sophie Gomes
Bev Greenwood
Karen Griffiths
Deliliah Hamilton
Paula Hansen
Ariel Heck
Diane Hepler
Robert and Darlene Hiatt
Margaret Hildebrand
Chuck Arkell Hollingsworth
Nancy Hurford
Mary Jahnke
Laureen Johnson
Roberta Kelly
Nancy Kilborn
Jan Kimbrell
Ray and Lynn Kruse
Kay Lancaster
Ronna Larson
Doris MacLaird Nelson
BJ and Ross Manes
Emma and Vernon Manion
Sharon Martin
Beverly Montgomery
Susan  Nelson
Jeanne Nixon
George Orr
Cara Ortiz
Eunice Polgreen
Mary Reed
Rev. Doreen Rice
John Rucker
Michelle Ruit
Jane L Sajo
Karen Salyers
Sharon Sharpe
Joan Schuler
Dale and Eileen Small
Tobie Jo Solander
Marilyn Stephen
Lois Strauss
Peggy Stupka
Gisela Tidd
Bobbi and Eric Towle
Julie Tunnell
Jolene Vega
Betty Voshel
Rose Wendell
Jim and Ellen Westerhaus
Mandy White
Peter Young

Call the museum (785-238-1666) to ask how you or your business can become a Friend of the Museum, or go to the Membership page to learn how you can become a member online. Your financial support is appreciated.